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THE OFFICIAL Volume 7, December 2023

J. Rosenbaum: AI Art and Gender: a Metamodernist Exploration of Biases and Possibilities 

Keywords: AI, gender, bias, metamodernism

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This artistic exploration delves into the intricate interplay between artificial intelligence (AI), gender representation, and the ethos of metamodernism. Rooted in critical AI discourse and artistic creation, this research seeks to transcend the binary constraints of traditional gender categorisation within AI systems. Drawing inspiration from metamodernist philosophy, which advocates oscillation between opposing concepts, the artworks discussed not only critique AI's inherent biases and limitations but also employ AI as a tool to illuminate societal challenges. This paper comprises a diverse portfolio of interactive artworks, including Set in Stone, Frankenstein’s Telephone, Gender Tapestry and Self_Portrait, each a unique commentary on AI biases, creatively presented with a touch of irony and humour. Through these creations, viewers are encouraged to engage with the multifaceted issues of AI ethics and gender identity.

Alexander D'Aloia: On the Philosophy of Puss: the case for a Transhumnal Solipsism and Extrapersonal Consciousness

Keywords: altruism, cats, solipsism, transpersonal, transhuman

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Traditional interpretations of solipsism have previously held the view that the notion of the self and the locus of one’s identity frame a part of the same experience, especially when the nature of this experience can be transpersonalised somehow. The only real consciousness that one has direct access to remains the self, or expressions of the selfsame contents. It is from this ideal perspective that everything else recedes into uncertainty. There are a number of variations to solipsism that contend as to what extent the world exists independent of the self which experiences it, and yet, there are next to no variations that contend as to what extent the locus of one’s identity exists independent of the self which perceives itself as itself, nonanthropocentrically. Indeed, the very notion of the self represents its own egocentric predicament in that it can no longer distinguish itself from itself as the single possible or rational basis for philosophical evaluation. Its own solipsism keeps it from realising the true extent of its own solipsism, and so it goes

Shaun Wilson: An Urgency for Metamodernism in an Affectual Structure of Reason

Keywords: Metamodernism, affect, structure of reason, postmodernism

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This paper will examine metamodernism in the context of an urgency of debate in defining the differences between pre-pandemic and post-pandemic structures in contemporary art by the critical term ‘universal reckoning’. Discussion will argue three key points for metamodernism, which are: metamodernism was defined in a pre-pandemic context as an ontological assessment of affect from a structure of feeling; post-pandemic assessment is functioned through an epistemological approach from a structure of reason; and that an urgency for metamodernism to move into the later informs relevance for aesthetics, the subject, and conceptualism in contemporary art.


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