THE OFFICIAL Volume 5, Number 2, 2021: Special edition 

Malcom Bywaters: Escaping Reality: Airfix and the art of Roy Cross

Keywords: Airfix, model making, creativity, artwork, COVID -19

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This Paper will discuss the use of plastic model making in the Covid-19 era as a source of community. Further, the paper will locate the plastic model box top artwork of Roy Cross within a contemporary and creative environment. There will be a reflection on the original aeroplanes used by Cross as the artwork’s origin. Finally, the paper will argue that Cross’s artworks represent a positioning of the box top artworks as making a significant contribution to the understanding of the Covid-19 environment.

Shaun Wilson: A Fear of Place: An Ontology of Symbiosis in Pandemic Times

Keywords: Pace, fear, England, COVID-19, plague

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This article considers the relations between fear and place during the eras of pandemic crisis. It first defines the concept of a symbiosis as the connection between people and places to then explore how this sense of place has contributed to fear and anxiety from the places and circumstances of contagion. Specific historical periods will be discussed from Black Death, the Great London Plague, and recently, COVID-19. Some of the broader discussions throughout will reflect on plague bills, plague houses, early plague hospitals and zones of infection to determine a deeper understanding of why fear and illness have impacted societies in profound ways through ongoing instances or repeated outbreaks and lockdowns.